The Richest Football Clubs In The World

Are you a die hard football fan? Well then here is something interesting for you. You may have watched their games day and night but have you ever thought how much those clubs are worth? You’d not be surprised to know that they are worth billions of dollars, not just millions. So here are the richest football clubs in the entire world.1. Real Madrid

The favourite club of all, Real Madrid is the richest football club of the world by 2017. It has always been on top the charts and still continues to do so. With a team value of 3650 million dollars and revenue of 694 million dollars, these guys are the kings of the football world. What more could they ask for when they have the most valuable player to lead the team? Cristiano Ronaldo is loved by the entire world and is known to be one of the fittest athletes. So do get Real Madrid football tickets and watch a match live at least once in your life.

2. Barcelona

Barcelona from Spain, has been consistently securing their number 2 spot. With a value of 3320 million dollars and revenue of 694 million, it is no doubt one of the richest clubs. Barcelona has had some of the legendary players such as Messi, Maradona, Ronaldinho and Neymar on their team.

3. Arsenal

This team from the United Kingdom has come a long way in the industry. From number 7 last year to number 3 this year, they truly have performed really well. A remarkable increase of worth can be seen from last year which was 1310 million dollars to this year which is 3315 million. With some of the most promising players on their team, they will surely leave a mark.

4. Manchester United

The dream team of some football fans, this club has left a deep mark in the industry. Unfortunately it has dropped two ranks this year. They have a net worth of 2020 million dollars which way lower than the 3100 million last year. Fans are hoping they will get back in the game and increase the rank. If you are planning to go watch them live this season, you can easily buy Man United tickets online.

5. Bayern Munich

Consistently holding their spot at number 5, this German team has a worth of 2680 million dollars. Bayern Munich has been the home of many legends such as Oliver Kahn and Gerd Muller. This is known to be the most successful football club in Germany winning many awards and titles over the years.