When To Visit A Gyno?

According to experts, women who are sexually active and are above the age of 21 years should visit a gynecologist on a timely basis for routine health checkups. It is important to listen to your body and pay attention to what your body is saying to you, even if it is a minor problem; it should not be ignored ever. A minor health issue can become a major problem in future if ignored, but a timely treatment can save your life and also save money. If you are facing any of these signs or symptoms, do not ignore and simply visit your gynecologist.

• Pain during sex

It is advisable to visit a STD clinic Dubai if you are having difficulty in sex or it has become very painful with deep pelvic pain or soreness in the vagina. This can be due to bacterial infections, uterine fibroids, vaginal dryness etc., which are very common causes for such issues. Medication and treatment for such health issues are available and one must immediately visit a gyno for such problems as one should not be away from one of the greatest pleasure of life which is sex.

• Bowel movement or urine problems

Difficulty in passing urine or urinary incontinence or difficulty in bowels is all symptoms of pelvic floor problems. It happens when the pelvic tissues, which support the pelvic organs, are either damaged or broken during childbirth or due to childbirth. You should visit an urologist in Dubai if the symptoms are mostly related to urine. For consultation, you can visit your gyno who can suggest exercises, like kegel, which help in strengthening these muscles and can also suggest other treatments as well.

• Sore genitals or discharge of unusual nature

When the vagina discharges, it actually cleans the vagina and keeps it healthy. The thickness, color and smell of the vaginal discharge at different times of the month depending upon your menstrual cycle will tell you whether it is normal or not. Any change in color, like gray, green, yellow instead of the white discharge, is a problem. Bad odor is another issue which will tell you it’s time to visit the doctor. Changes in the vaginal discharge will also cause itching and burning in the area and is an indication of some kind of vaginitis which is caused by either yeast or bacteria. Soreness of vagina can be a symptom of herpes. Therefore, it is advisable to visit or consult your gyno and get it treated as soon as one can so that your body does not have to suffer.